Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 2012

November 2012


Under the passion of gravity
the earth cracks and the new spring begins.
In the youth, the salt
of the ocean smells strong.
The water progresses straight
towards it's goal,
only veering
due to ancient topography.
Some obstacles erode under a slow cutting flow.
Skin roughens with time,
while the water
smooths the jagged stones.
With age
the river becomes crooked,
it's banks eroding
and breaching ideals,
leaving islands  of soil
and creatures
isolated and protected
until the weather changes.
With seasons and longer cycles
the depths rise and fall,
sometimes flooding
the foundations
of villages and forests.
The water flows
until the source dries
or another path is found,
leaving the impressions
of those drinking from the bank
to fossilize.

-Robert L. Jackson

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