Monday, October 21, 2013

Repaired (Munich - Munchen)

This was written in Germany.

Repaired (Munich)

I.  A dark sky of overcast
was painted
to replace the ceiling portraits
lost in the war.
The lost depictions
conveyed ideals of humanity
and justice,
through the characters of myth.
The cracks 
of the repaired structures
reveal no sign of weakness
below the plaster.
II. The live shells
slept below families
until the installment 
of modern architecture and amenities
required their detonation
to be removed.
The straw,
meant to absorb the waves,
rekindled a lost struggle
and the clear windows
cracked and shattered.
The air however
never stays opaque
but the music
it into a memory
of fading tiles.
III. The king,
lost in a millennia
of sand,
never dropped
the crystal cup,
leaving one lonely handle.
But to secure symmetry
a metal loop
augmented the other side
and carried
no light.

-Robert L. Jackson

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