Saturday, July 19, 2014

Spinning Seed

When spinning
the earth sees
the days continuing to flare and dim,
the bicycle tire
balances more easily,
the escaping rocket
flies straighter
and pierces the darkness more deeply,
the leaf and seed
take longer to reach the ground
and spread their species farther,
the atmosphere organizes
into a storm,
and the mind
thinks of analogies
and correlations.

-Robert L. Jackson III


  1. And metaphors and feels almost like the butterfly effect. One thing leading to another and another.

    Welcome to PU

  2. Very nice to meet you at Poets United, Robert. I love the momentum of this poem, the seeds traveling, as the mind takes flight.

  3. and the mind
    thinks of analogies
    and correlations.......... It seems somewhat mystical said that way. I totally love how you imagined that.

  4. I am trying to figure out how your poem addresses the prompt on 'the joy of poetry.' Can't see any kind of correlation between this poem and the prompt, unless I am missing something.

  5. And so we spin and turn until it comes out right!

  6. True.. the creative process crunches through all those analogies and correlations. Well said.

  7. " the mind
    thinks of analogies
    and correlations."....and thus creates in joy...

  8. Hi Robert. You've made such a delightful entrance. Welcome to PU. I like your poem. Great metaphor for that joyful process of writing poetry. Hope to see you here again.

  9. Well written. It has a great flow.