Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I turn two score old today, but in Mars years I am somewhere between 21 and 22.

Anyway, here is a brand new poem wriitten for the Poets United Midweek Motif on tranquility ( ). I may get in trouble for righting a poem about thermodynamics, because I do not teach it.


states that with age,
we will all become uniform,
equal, and tranquil,
with no differences 
in our heights or color.
Boundaries no longer exist
and nothing is marked,
with no migration of refugees
from one system
to another, 
once perceived green 
from prosperity.
No water or mineral
is traded
because they are worthless
without individuals.

-Robert L. Jackson III


  1. Oh yikes, that is a futuristic vision I hope never happens. Well described, but eery. I hope we can learn, instead, to embrace our differences and samenesses.A thought provoking response to the prompt. Cool.

  2. This is one solution to inequality that never occurred to me. The price seems too high to pay for tranquility. And I know lots of aged people who are nothing alike! But I think you mean the entire planet full of our species. This would make an amazing movie!

  3. Oh, I really hope that we don't all become uniform. That would take away so much joy....I'd rather be a lot less tranquil and more individual, I think. And...happy birthday. Smiles.

  4. Such a deep & thought provoking poem.. I too hope that we don't become uniform with age.

  5. After that I just convinced that tranquility equal to the balance, harmony NOT uniform. Thanks!

  6. I enjoyed the unique ideas in this. Well done.

  7. Difficult truth - and in terms of the lawa of thermodynamics, truth.

  8. Is this heaven or hell? What is life if not for individuality...a lot to think about here - subtly and expertly conveyed

  9. O yes!! We are that which give the elements life!

  10. Hope you had a great birthday! I think the laws of thermodynamics are a great subject for poetry ~ my husband is a mechanical engineer and I think the subject is so inspiring, even though I'm not scientific in the slightest!

  11. "we will all become uniform,
    equal, and tranquil"

    How fascinating. I wonder if the first (boring) two might be worth the third.