Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dunedin Pass

Dunedin Pass

The resilient tides
and singular hurricanes
incrementally alter
the face of my coastline,
until I do not recognize
the channels and currents
that I followed and fought
as a juvenile vessel,
free of barnacles, 
and inching away from port.
Amid the resonance 
of lunar crescents
and dredged sand, 
can there be faith
in the pass between islands
to the open ocean,
and that it will still be open,
when our moorings 
finally fray
and wear away?

-Robert L. Jackson III

Dunedin Pass in 1979.
Near to where I grew up there was a pass, or channel between Caladesi Island and Clearwater Beach. It had strong current and we used to swim across. It closed after hurricane Elena. 
Here is where the picture originated and a little history:

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