Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Towards Solstice

Towards Solstice

Reaching for the sky,
full of light,
the thin beings
only obtain flight
in death,
and spiraling to 
an iterative task
of fueling a fire,
or the probable
forest floor,
after the green
of chlorophyll,
able to grasp
and knead the rays
into food,
leaves behind
only brown fibers
and the structure
of a noble 
to the effectively eternal

Robert L. Jackson III


  1. I'm not seeing aviation in here immediately. I see the leaves in flight, though, dropping in their death dance while the trees tower over. I flash on plane crashes that don't seem to nurture as they take whole populations with them. And then, there's the solstice in the title which brings me back again to nature and its cycles of hope. Fine poem.

  2. After hearing only recently the news of the Brazilian team death in areplane travel and this morning too another India airplane crash
    your images are vivid in sorrow
    And i do luv the way the tree trunk branches into grabbing handfuls of dead leaves in the photo you teamed your poem with

    much love...

  3. They only obtain flight in death......a cool perspective.......trees spend their lives with their feet in the earth and their heads in the sky.

  4. Ah, part of the going up into the sky brings an element of risk....such is nature's law of gravity!
    Beautiful poem, Rob.

  5. What a beautiful word picture you have drawn.

  6. This is such a wonderfully alluring write ❤️

  7. Such a well crafted poem - it conveys a great sense of respect for the world and the nobility of nature

  8. Trees and other plants have long utilised the wind to help their regeneration spreading their seeds further off. A beautiful write.