Sunday, April 2, 2017

Transparent Desires

Transparent Desires

On this finite journey
is any energy left
to generate the heat
that will melt 
our fissures together
and repair holes
in the filtering gut
while burning skin
to a crisp crust,
brittle to life's waves
of electrons
and photons,
transversing our boundaries,
as if we were glass,
to heat our core,
to boiling magma,
soft and malleable,
just below
the soles of tourists.

-Robert L. Jackson III


  1. Energy to melt the fissures together and repair the is hard to keep summoning that energy, given the state of things. Yet somehow we must.

  2. Wonderful words; and I so love and admire one-sentence poems.

  3. Interesting lines. I feel there's much energy still left to create an equitable world though words like 'finite' and 'tourist' make it seem impossible. Not sure if I read your poem correctly.

  4. Quite a beautifully written poem :)

  5. Huge fan of the way you've structured this poem as one sentence...but one that gives the reader much to think about.