Saturday, February 15, 2014

Workshop Triolet

Today was an unusual day as I went to a poetry workshop held by the Southern Humanities Review:

It was at St. Dunston's church which was 
different than what I expected on the inside.  
It reminded me of a cabin at a mountain resort. 
It was a good program and it made me think.  I heard lots of good poetry.  Here is one of the results.

The triolet equation

I think in equations
is a power that cannot be gaged
and that often we shun.
I think in equations
of solutions to nations.
Math was taught as my language, so
I think in equations,
a power that cannot be gaged.

-Rob Jackson

Thursday, February 6, 2014



Spring water
guided by
extruded metal 
solidified and expanded,
cracking the seams
In the molded plastic
so that the sequenced valve
would never close.
The ungoverned flow
moves past the frozen,
holding open
the prison door
through the tubing
to exit and fly and layer,
onto leaves and fibers
bending under the weight
of curving beauty
freed from the laws of man, 
and allowed to follow
the instincts of nature.

Robert L. Jackson