Sunday, September 29, 2019


I've been writing following a structure of three connected at a time, or maybe they ar just one? Here's a recent trio. Have a great day.

left code
in the super computer,
so that
it will never
run the same.
We all leave
a few lines

Perhaps the universe
runs more like
a cluster,
a network of processors
rather than
one super computer,
and each of us
is a processor.

are never forgotten
if you left
a change
in the system’s

-R. L. Jackson


  1. This poem really expands the mind..hope we can all make those changes

  2. The first stanza made me smile. It's amazing how code changes based on who writes it and sometimes it works and sometimes it takes down the entire system. We are all just pieces in a complex structure but not everyone working to the same purpose but everyone's piece is vital to the system running.

  3. I like the idea we are processors, working off one main computer. Leaving our words to track our passage.

  4. I find this comforting in a way, and really it leaves me of a sense of feeling in controlled rather than being controlled by fate itself.

  5. First, I love the idea of connected threes. It makes storytelling-sense. Then, I'm quite taken by the logic this poem shares, by what its conclusion reminds us to keep in mind.

  6. For sure, never forgotten if you made some kind of change somewhere!! An enjoyable and thoughtful poem.

  7. Fascinating. Tiny, constant changes that make themselves a permanent structure...

  8. If we are the processors then we can control what we put out there in the universe. Perhaps, with positive energy we can light up that grid.

  9. In control. I am a control freak and the thoughts of being in control. Thst is why I was a chef and why I volunteer my time now that I am retired, I can control the physical hunger in my small part of the universe

  10. Thank you for reminding us that we each have a function and a purpose. Very interesting form.

  11. "Perhaps the universe runs more like a cluster," .. I believe so!

  12. What seems a hundred years ago I took a computer college course in programming (coding?) - never understood it and I think failed the class! I'm sure I'd really blunder the universe if its survival has anything to do with code!

  13. Great title! And what an compelling and layered reflection. Very cool!

  14. I, too love the logic and how it drives us to find the threads of gold in our ordinary~
    Well Done

  15. Yes, they go together beautifully, as a progression.